What they say about us

Anne is a beautiful, attentive, caring person who provides excellent advice. Using breathing and meditation techniques, it notably allowed me to soothe my stress, to regain serenity, positivism and self-confidence. I recommend her more than warmly.– Jacques P.
I felt the wonderful sensation of being inside a soft cocoon, thanks to Anne’s words and sweet voice. A tree-perched log cabin that enables to have a clearer insight on oneself. Thank you. – Malvina C
In few sessions Anne managed, owing to her multiple skills and to her natural kindness, to shed light on my thoughts and to lead me on a path of wellbeing. Since then, I feel satisfied and recognise my value. It was an unforgettable experience and a true milestone in my life. I cannot be grateful enough.– Anne-Isabelle V
Excellent relaxations, tiny movements and mighty relief. Positive and resut-oriented energy– Stephane R
After an operation to the shoulder’s tendon. This session based on tension and release motions allowed me to obtain some relief and to better withstand the pain. An excellent session indeed.– Véronique C
A very soothing session, thanks to Anne’s sweet and calm voice. I felt fulfilled and I entered into a peaceful and serene world where all negative sensations fled away. This session enabled me to think positive and to visualize joy and happiness. Thank you.– Serge P
A very pleasant moment of relaxation, of complete abandonment of the body into soothing and expert hands. The body turns into a puppet, the consciousness of one’s skeleton is regained, along with the consciousness of every limb. And all this in a context of sweetness and fullness, very rewarding. Thank you sweet Anne for this moment of peace in this rushing world.– Agnès L